Submit New Content UNC Chapel Hill Keep Teaching

Use this guide to submit a request for new content to be added to the UNC Chapel Hill Keep Teaching Website. Content submitted in another form will not be added.

The Keep Teaching site is intended to be a resource providing links to outside content. It is not intended to be a file repository.

Submission Requirements

The request must be complete and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The proposed content must be complete. Content must be formatted as intended. Arbitrary content that requires substantial re-organization will not be added.
  • Provide the following sections in the email:
    • Title of content.
    • The content to be added.
  • Documents are links to external content. If you have a Microsoft Office document or similar, provide a link for the document hosted at an accessible location rather than the document itself.
  • Verify the proposed content is not already on the Keep Teaching site before you submit.

Send Proposed Content as an email