Sakai is the University’s centrally supported learning management system. You can use Sakai as a central location to communicate with students, share course materials, and collect assignments.

You must first create your Sakai course site if you do not already have one.

If you are brand new to Sakai and need more help, visit the Sakai site.

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Share Messages and Documents with your Students

OptionHow to Get Started
Add an announcement using the Announcements tool with the option to include attachments.
Send a message and reply to individual students using the Messages tool with the option to include attachments.
Share multiple files and links using the Resources tool.
Create a discussion board for your students using the Forums tool with options to set dates, include attachments, and require students post a response before seeing other posted messages. In Sakai, you can create discussion boards called Topics, and then students start conversations and reply to each other’s messages.

Collect Assignments and Administer Assessments Remotely

OptionHow to Get Started
Collect and grade written assignments using the Assignments tool.
Have students share files with you through their individual folders in the Sakai Drop Box tool.
Design a test with options to set dates, individual accommodations, and feedback using the Tests & Quizzes tool.
Design an assessment that discourages academic dishonesty

For a broader discussion about best practices in administering remote exams and assessments, please see the Exams and Assessments page.

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