Remote and Recitation Implementation Guide

Description: This mode of instruction mixes remote instruction with smaller recitation sections that can be offered as some combination of remote and F2F. If there is only one recitation section for a course, it should be offered in HyFlex mode.

NOTE: This is a companion document to the Remote Only Implementation Guide. It focuses on the recitation aspect of this teaching mode.

Pros Cons
  • Accommodates a wide range of courses that use recitation sections
  • F2F recitations resemble the traditional classroom experience
  • Helps make larger remote courses feel like a more intimate learning experience
  • Instructor movement and small group work is limited in F2F by social distancing and masks.
  • TAs required to offer multiple recitation sections
  • Higher expectations for teaching assistants

Make it Work

In planning recitations, determine student preferences for remote vs. F2F recitations.
Use survey and polling software to get a sense of your students’ preferences for F2F vs. remote recitation. How many students enrolled in your course are interested in attending a F2F recitation? How many will only attend remote sections? Consider flexible formats, where appropriate. For example, if your course has more than one recitation you might offer a mix of F2F and remote recitations throughout the week and allow students to attend the section that works best for them that week. Obviously, there will be a limit on the number of students who can attend any given F2F section at one time.
Determine roles and expectations for TAs.   Depending on the course and number of recitation sections, graduate teaching assistants could be asked to teach in remote, F2F, or hyflex modes. Instructors will need to assess their TAs’ comfort level and readiness to teach in any of these modes. Like your undergraduate students, they may be juggling new personal responsibilities and challenges during this time. Ask them and respect the demands on their time.
NOTE:  It is not recommended that TAs be asked to offer a hyflex recitation on their own.
Leverage campus support and training resources. Workshops and resources offered through the initiative are available to all graduate instructors and teaching assistants as well.
Check in regularly with TAs during the course. TAs will likely need more support and guidance than usual, especially early in the semester. Schedule regular meetings to check in and see how they’re doing. Encourage them to share their experiences with you and with each other. What’s working, what’s not?  Consider joining an early recitation for each TA. That will also provide an opportunity for instructors to clarify expectations with students about the goals of the recitation sections.

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